About Us

The China Financial Educaiton Association (CFEA) is a not-for-profit association of professionals, practitioners and researchers in the world's top financial industry. Committed to international financial education research, academic exchanges. An international financial education organization specializing in vocational training certification, information consultation and industry journals, dedicated to promoting the development of society through education. Through professional knowledge system of practice and system certification standards, we are able to train finance, finance, management, marketing, Market and other aspects of the industry's high-end talent, and provide these people with lifelong education services.

        China Financial Education Association (CFEA) aims to improve the professional level of practitioners in financial institutions, formulate a series of technical specifications and evaluation standards in the field of banking, promote information exchange among members, and conduct financial education and training services. At the same time, The association also regularly provides members and members with extensive platform for exchanges by organizing annual meetings and other special conferences.

        China Financial Education Association (CFEA) aims to follow the pace of reform and development of international financial education and make use of its own advantages in international exchange and cooperation in financial education so as to provide high-quality, super-efficient services to clients engaged in financial business development and reform Value of professional services.

     ● provide a global financial education platform

     ● develop international high-end financial talent

     ● Strengthen innovation research and improve personnel training mechanism

     ● Establish a financial talent qualification system that meets the new international pattern

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