The closing of the Tenth Asian financial forum in Hongkong

Jan 12, 2018 3:51:37 PM

2018 Asian financial forum

time: January 15, 2017 -1 month 16 days

location: Hongkong

participants: people senior executive

bank and the financial sector

enterprise and the chief financial officer

investors and high net worth individuals, financial intermediaries and professional services

the investment project planning

regulators and government representatives

opinion leader, a think-tank expert

of the Asian financial forum forum brings together the global financial and business influential, to discuss the latest developments and trends in the Asian market. A good forum provides a platform for participants, collect the latest information, networking business network, and explore China Asia business opportunities. In 2017, a total of over 90 distinguished speakers from government, finance and business attended the forum and shared insights and insights into opportunities and challenges in Asia.

's Tenth Asian financial forum attracted more than 2800 participants from 38 countries and regions, including the financial and business leaders. 85% of the participants were chief executives and other senior decision-makers. More than 550 journalists and media representatives came to the scene. The

AFF Deal Flow global investment project docking conference

AFF Deal Flow global investment project docking conference will make pairs of funds and investment projects, arrange their one-to-one interview with other potential partners, and negotiate cooperation opportunities. Over the years, more than 3200 projects will arrange the match for the more than 1400 companies will, let the investment project planning, investment companies, private investors, high net worth individuals, agencies and other professional services organizations who explore opportunities for cooperation.

over the years, more than 1400 companies have participated in AFF Deal Flow docking conference, including investment planners, private investment companies, enterprises, investors, high asset holders, intermediary agencies and professional service providers. In 2016, more than 570 matches were arranged, involving more than 290 investment projects in 25 countries and regions.

also, as the mainland has encouraged enterprises to "go global" in recent years, the docking conference will provide a one to one negotiation opportunity for mainland enterprises who are actively looking for overseas investment opportunities and overseas project planners who want to attract Chinese investors.

Asia's rapid economic development, for the past ten years The contribution of the economic growth of the ball to 60%, far above the previous ten years' share of about 30%, has greatly changed the global economic situation. "Silk Road Economic Belt" and "twenty-first Century" maritime Silk Road initiative has great strategic significance, and covering Asia, Africa and Europe and the Middle East, a total of more than 60 economies in Asia and other regions, to strengthen mutual communication, let more economies share in wealth accumulation and consumption growth results derived from long development. At the same time, Asia is promoting innovation to bring "jumping" development for e-commerce and public services, and provide a good opportunity for the wide application of financial technology. This part will analyze the outlook for Asia, and to explore the possible return of protectionism, continued weak current demand in Western economies, as well as the background of the trend of financial and monetary policy is unknown, how should Asia and partners in other areas, consolidate the sustainable growth of the global economy.

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