2018 Asia Pacific International Financial Forum and China Capital Market Summit held in Keqiao

Jan 12, 2018 4:02:06 PM

2018, 2018 Asia Pacific International Financial Forum and the China capital market summit was held in Keqiao, China.

it is reported that the Asia Pacific International Financial Forum (APIFF) is an independent, non-profit, non-governmental international organizations, the United States, Chinese China, Hongkong and other more than 20 countries and regions and relevant international organizations, financial institutions and the Asia Pacific leaders in February 2008 in Shanghai Chinese founded, it is the Asia Pacific Financial field the high-level permanent dialogue mechanism.

forum first settled in traditional industry and International Trade Center - Keqiao, CO sponsored by the Asia Pacific International Financial Forum Organizing Committee, Chinese supply Research Institute and the Keqiao district government, Zhejiang Tibet exchange holdings limited contractors, Everbright Securities (13.93 shares of Limited by Share Ltd -0.50%, diagnosis) support, Zhejiang Economic Development Council, refinement group, Zhejiang Jiaxin holdings Joint Co. This is the concrete embodiment of implementing the nineteen spirit of the party and implementing the financial service entity economy.

the forum combines the economic situation at home and abroad, the change of international financial structure and the development of China's capital market. The theme of the forum is "financial return to origin and capital service entities". Everbright Securities, CITIC Securities (19.45 shares of -0.46%, diagnosis, Shenwan Hong (5.37) -0.56%, diagnosis of CDH investments, shares), KPMG, Silicon Valley, heaven Kai Penghua Ying, the knight investment group, Standard Chartered Bank, AIA and other well-known institutions executives, responsible person, Wanfeng auto group, listed companies to be listed companies, executives, investors, high net worth elite, a total of more than 900 people attended the financial event.


the forum by the Keqiao District Committee, on behalf of the mayor Zhao Rulang delivered a welcome speech; vice mayor of Shaoxing, Mr Kang Zhonggui, former vice president of the Supreme Court; Mr Xie Anshan; Chinese International Exchange Association executive vice president of the Asia Pacific International Financial TheoryThe vice chairman of the Organizing Committee of the altar cited a speech.


Keqiao District Committee, on behalf of the mayor Zhao Rulang welcome speech by

Rulang Zhao mayor said the 2018 Asia Pacific international finance the forum in Keqiao, according to new heights, Shaoxing city construction standards in the Hangzhou metropolitan region bridgehead "strategic positioning, Keqiao is committed to play the power of financial capital, promote regional economic transformation and upgrading. By holding this international financial forum as an opportunity to expand and enhance the visibility and influence of Keqiao in the whole country, we will attract more financial institutions to focus on and gather Keqiao. Finally, we hope to make the Asia Pacific International Financial Forum a new urban financial card of Keqiao. There are three keynote speeches, two round table forums and four parallel sub forums in

Economic Forecasting Department of state information center director and chief economist Zhu Baoliang made the "2018 China's economic situation and policy outlook" speech, Zhu Baoliang said China's current economic situation is good, steady progress. But economic development still exists such as structural contradictions are still outstanding, real estate problems need to be solved, financial risks are still large, local government debt problems are outstanding, and private enterprises have difficulties in operation. This paper introduces the transformation of the thought of economic development after the nineteen Party of the party. The socialism with Chinese characteristics has entered a new era, and the main contradictions in the society have changed. In 2018, the macro - control policy and macroeconomic trend were predicted. It is expected that the economic growth may decline slightly, but the structure will be improved.

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Economic Forecasting Department of state information center director and chief economist Zhu Baoliang

Everbright Securities global chief economist, China Everbright Group Research Institute Vice President, chief economist Chinese forum vice chairman Peng Wensheng made" the inflection point of the financial cycle asset allocation "keynote speech. Peng Wensheng first reviewed the huge returns of all kinds of assets in the world in 2017. Then, from the financial cycle theory, comparative analysis of the United States and Chinese at different stages of their financial cycle, macroeconomic policy used is also different: the United States in the first half of the financial cycle: loose credit, loose fiscal policy and tight monetary Chinese "; in the financial cycle at the top:" tight credit, loose fiscal policy and tight monetary". Finally, the influence of the financial cycle on the trend of all kinds of assets and the suggestion of the allocation are expounded.

Asia Pacific International Finance Forum, executive secretary of the organizing committee, Zhejiang Tibet Exchange Holdings Limited chairman Zhou Rusheng made a "new era of financial asset allocation and wealth management" keynote speech, Zhou Rusheng first analysis of the current economic situation at home and abroad, then expounds the trend of China capital market in new era the main is five: the value, to retail, internationalization, polarization and high technology, finally puts forward the asset allocation and conform to the current trend of wealth management advice.

this forum also held two brilliant Roundtable, a roundtable forum, by the KPMG accounting firm Wang Jun, Silicon Valley paradise Guo Feng, managing partner and Dean of Institute of finance China KPCB partner Liang Yingjie, Shanghai Shanshan Chuanghui investment deputy general manager Xu Bin, Beijing Yingke Law Firm (Shanghai) Mao Hongtao and other institutions expert professional exchanges, on the topic of the new development direction of the capital market for financial services and the real economy from different perspectives to discuss the views of centralized, inspiring, different ideas together, triggering new ideas and new ideas.


a roundtable forum site

two Roundtable forum, by the board of Wanfeng auto Holding Group Co Ltd General Manager Zhao Ya red, group board chairman Jin Liangshun, chairman Zhang Sijian, Patti, Xu Kang investment Polytron Technologies Inc animal nutrition Chen Zhenbiao, chairman of the north to understanding and views of leading listed company CEOs talk about capital market industrial group Limited by Share Ltd chairman Jia Baoquan and other major industries. Every entrepreneur has shared the impetus of the capital market to the development of the enterprise.


Asia Pacific International Finance Forum representative

Asia Pacific International Finance Forum Organizing Committee Vice Chairman, China International Exchange Association executive vice president to lead said the Tibetan exchange hosted by the 2018 Asia Pacific International Finance Forum held a victory in the new era of financial background, a new form of new mode and new direction, the financial services of the real economy do a full and detailed interpretation, also between the capital market and real economy further marriage to do a more in-depth exploration and practice.

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