Strong growth in the luxury market

Feb 24, 2018 8:55:00 AM

[strong growth of luxury market, busy acquisition of Chinese companies overseas] [February 24th], after three years of deceleration, China's 2017 luxury growth is amazing. According to the 2017 China luxury market research released by Bain consulting, in 2017, the growth rate of mainland luxury market surpassed that of foreign market, the growth rate reached 20%, the fastest growth since 2011, and the total sales volume of the market reached 142 billion yuan. The main source of the momentum of the market growth is the new consumers, especially the Millennials. The global luxury market has total sales of 262 billion euros (about RMB 2 trillion yuan), of which 32% are from the mainland consumers, with the highest proportion. The continuous recovery of the luxury industry has also been the support of major companies to increase their investment.

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