Selection Service

Admission instructions

     1, apply to join the Association should have the conditions:

     (1) to support the association's constitution

     (2) have the will to join the Association;

     (3) Relevant practitioners engaged in banking, securities, investment and financing, trust, bonds and insurance, financial management institutions, financial training institutions, financial institutions of colleges and universities, and financial community organizations in economic, financial and application sectors;

     (4) Actively participate in the activities of the Association to support the development of the industry.

     2, membership procedures:

     (1) Submit an application for membership, unit members should be accompanied by a copy of the business license (with official seal), send (send) to the Association Secretariat;

     (2) discussed and approved by the council or standing council;

     (3) by the Council authorized the association to issue membership cards, the Association website and internal publications on a regular basis.

China Financial Education Association Secretariat

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